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MedTech Breakthrough selected Carium as winner of the

Patient Experience Innovation Award 

in their 7th annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Insights at the intersection of tech touch & human touch within healthcare



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Is it time for a strategic, digital health tech reset? 

In a challenging economy, that’s the question keeping healthcare technology decision makers up at night. Every new expenditure must have a significant ROI for your organization — and it needs to happen ASAP (yesterday, if possible).

So how can you distinguish between a virtual care solution that helps realize your business and clinical goals, and one that amounts to nothing more than an added burden and costly mistake?


This guide from the team at Carium provides an overview of five business drivers you should consider as you craft your organization’s healthtech strategy.


Innovations in Patient Engagement

Virtual Weight Loss Management in Value-Based Care,with Dr. Jamy Ard and Rich Steinle

Rather than weight loss as a sidebar suggestion once a disease state is diagnosed, weight loss can be a potent catalyst for disease prevention and chronic care management within value-based care.


Dr. Jamy Ard, Co-Director of the Weight Management Center at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, joins Carium CEO, Rich Steinle, in a thought-provoking conversation with Eric Weaver, host of the Race To Value podcast. Tune in and be inspired.


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