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Carium's Innovative Approach to Generative AI Powered by Amazon Bedrock

PETALUMA, Calif., Sept 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Carium, a trailblazer in the virtual care management technology space, has announced its AI-focused roadmap using Amazon Bedrock to accelerate the development of cloud-based generative AI applications.

"At Carium, we believe AI has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered but it’s crucial that we take a very calculated and measured approach." A quote from the CTO of Carium, Scott Pradels, with a photo of him.

"At Carium, we believe AI has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered but it’s crucial that we take a very calculated and measured approach," says Scott Pradels, Chief Technology Officer at Carium. "Carium is embedding AI throughout the virtual care management platform experience, augmenting existing capabilities that help care teams proactively identify patients at-risk, empower more effective decision-making and simplify clinical and administrative workflows.”

Carium's comprehensive roadmap for incorporating AI into its virtual care management platform includes:

  • Risk Stratification: Carium's AI algorithms will analyze patient data to identify those at higher risk for specific conditions, enabling early intervention and cost reduction.

  • Addressing Care Gaps: AI will identify gaps in patient care plans, ensuring timely interventions and fostering better patient engagement.

  • Summarizing Data: Carium will streamline the integration of patient data into Electronic Health Records (EHRs) through AI-driven data summarization, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.

Amazon Bedrock will make it faster and more cost-effective for Carium to create machine learning-powered applications, compared to the time and expense required for building Foundational Models (FMs) from the beginning or managing several specialized model development projects. Using Amazon Bedrock, Carium will also privately customize FMs using our organization's data, ensuring the utmost security and confidentiality of patient information, while enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our AI applications.

To learn more about our approach read our blog, visit our team in person at HLTH Oct 8 -11, in the ScaleHealth Pavilion at Kiosk #4756-1, at the Becker's Healthcare Health IT + Digital Health Meeting Oct 3 - 5 in Booth #2227 or schedule time to connect with our team virtually.

We look forward to sharing our vision and innovations with you.

About Carium

Carium is an advanced, virtual care management platform that drives personalized, informed care journeys from within patients' daily lives. By automating over 80% of complex workflows and providing rich tools for engagement, Carium enables the care team’s ability to increase touch points, and the patient’s ability to take meaningful action. Visit us to learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn or X (formerly known as Twitter).

Contact: Ashley Dauwer



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