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Driving Patient Behavior and Connecting Patients with Their Care Teams

John Lynn with Healthcare IT TODAY Interviews Carium CEO and CTO

In a recent video interview, Rich Steinle, Carium's CEO, and Scott Pradels, Carium's CTO, discuss the barriers to remote patient monitoring technology adoption among both clinicians and patients. They also dive into technology implementation. (Spoiler Alert! It doesn't have to be disruptive and painful.) And of course this is 2023, so John Lynn asks about Carium's stance on and use of AI.

The full video interview is 25 minutes. Take a coffee break and dive in. You. know any time John Lynn does an interview, it will be a good one.

Learn more about Carium's innovative approach to generative AI.

Listen and subscribe to the Healthcare IT Today Interviews Podcast to hear all the latest insights from experts in healthcare IT.


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Curious how Carium can help you improve patient experience, care team experience, care quality and clinical outcomes?

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