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Define Your Vision
Configure To Your Needs
Scale Your Solution

Carium is the platform where you can architect

your vision of virtual care

Carium is an a complete yet scalable and configurable care experience platform that allows healthcare and wellness organizations to rapidly deploy their vision for virtual care.

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One, complete

care experience platform

for virtual care 

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Personalize care-at-scale through intelligent automation

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Configure & scale across multiple disease states, use cases and programs

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Actionable, rich

real-world data, analytics & engagement

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Lower costs & increase speed-to-market through rapid implementation

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omnichannel communication

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Private label or build your healthcare innovation on top of architecture


With automations, workflows and tools at their fingertips in one dashboard, care teams can work efficiently at the top of their licensure to provide an exceptional care experience. 

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Empower patients, members or clients with an easy-to-use app featuring engaging tools and resources that give provide agency and ownership within their health journey. Access is available for family or other trusted support individuals.

Why does care experience matter?

"Care experience" may seem like a soft concept for tech development but it is at the crux of hard truths.

Failed patient experiences lead to poor outcomes, eroded relationships and apathy. 


Mismanaged member experiences with payors or payviders cultivate distrust.  


Overburdened care team experiences lead to attrition and strained workplaces.


Poor organizational experiences lead to operational chaos and cash burn.

What will be your tipping point to inspire a new technology decision point?

Click below to access our Decision Points playlist series that showcases one customer's candid story.

Carium's nimble and elegant architecture and rich functionality brings care experience to life.

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Evaluate medication adherence
Understand mindset & behaviors
Evaluate nutritional impact
Survey individuals or cohorts
Monitor critical diagnostics
Identify contextual determinants 



Personalize care journeys
Create goals & assess progress
Remind & prompt
Coach behaviors & insights
Educate correctly
Intervene when necessary



Send a text
Conduct a video call
Pop into an in-app chat
Create & send emails
Customize educational content
Schedule appointments

Curious how Carium can help you improve patient experience, care team experience, care quality and clinical outcomes?

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Streamline complex administrative and clinical workflows. Reduce staff churn and expense.

The best technology investment gives your organization the flexibility and scalability to care for your entire population – regardless of location, disease state or use case. Start with your highest priority and scale as your needs evolve.
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Earn member trust through personalization, engagement & connection

With the right technology at the right time handling the right tasks for the right reasons, care management teams can focus on building trusted relationships and reinforcing member engagement in actions that positively impact health and wellness goals. Differentiate your organization through your nimble ability to flex to client and members needs.

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Enable your vision for virtual care for less time and cost than hiring just one software engineer

Carium is about building experience-led, virtual care technology. We're not about being a particular name or brand. Some of our top clients are healthcare innovators who choose to build their virtual care solution on top of Carium's architecture  – and are doing so fully private-labeled within their own brand.

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An affordable, end-to-end care experience platform to manage patient relationships

Physician and wellness organizations face more competition than ever before. Today, people approach healthcare from a consumer-based mindset, seeking personalization, convenience and quality. Carium provides your care team and the people you serve with tools and resources that enrich patient relationships – increasing trust, communication and information accuracy.


Vetting virtual care technology solutions?

Download this handy guide to ensuring your decision is well-informed.

Experience The Platform Yourself 

Explore how Carium  can help your organization address cost, efficiency and care quality for your virtual care program.

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