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Ushering In The Era of Digital Health Strategic Resets

2023 seems to be ushering in the Era of Digital Health Strategic Resets.

Five drivers are trending in conversations we are having with our customers and prospects:
  1. Decrease costs yet increase ROI.

  2. Relieve overburdened care teams.

  3. Simplify tech stacks without sacrificing innovation.

  4. Enhance care relationships with patient populations.

  5. Address and close care gaps.

The time is right for a strategic reset as first-generation digital health technologies are facing:
  • Aging architectures

  • Retro-fitting into unintended use cases

  • Limited, siloed functionality

  • Depersonalized, clunky “portal” interfaces

  • Bloated, stagnant data piles

  • Disillusioned, frustrated users

  • Lack of workflow agility

  • High cost

We asked Carium CEO, Rich Steinle, to weigh in on this topic during a recent conversation. Watch this two-minute video excerpt.

Are you considering a digital health technology reset? Schedule a no-obligation15 minute meeting with a member of our team to explore how a comprehensive virtual care platform solution helps you achieve your goals.


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