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Unveiling our 2023 Carium Rising Stars: Sullivan Rodriguez

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We're thrilled to launch "Carium Rising Stars," a special limited series where we’ll dive into the stories of the brilliant minds that are shaping the future of technology, healthcare, and beyond – Carium’s 2023 interns.

Each installment will take you behind the scenes, introducing you to the diverse talents, passions and perspectives of this exceptional group of college students. Join us on this exciting journey as we shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who are making an indelible mark on Carium and the world.

For the first in this series, get ready to be inspired as we introduce Sullivan, our dynamic intern who's infusing innovation into software engineering here at Carium. Sullivan brings a fresh perspective, an insatiable curiosity and a genuine passion for empowering people to live their healthiest lives. Dive into their journey as they embark on a summer filled with learning, growth and collaboration.

Where are you going to college and what are you studying?

I will be starting my first year at UCLA studying Biology on a pre-med track.

A photo of Sullivan playing their viola

What type of work will you do during your internship; will you have a specific project?

I am working as a software engineer intern, focusing on the development and testing of the product. Some projects I’ve participated in are manual testing the mobile app in Spanish and writing automated tests for the website alongside my fellow intern Andrew.

What do you hope to contribute while at Carium?

I hope to make the product even more accessible and helpful using skills unique to me. Fresh perspectives are important to the success of any company!

A gray and white cat named Andy sleeping with their belly up

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to play music (I play the viola and guitar), play video games, crochet, listen to Taylor Swift, and play with my cat, Andy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from my friends and family, and anyone who has an uplifting story of how they are making a difference in the world.

How is this experience relevant to your future endeavors?

I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to work in a health-centered company. Having experience in a tech company based on health care is a great stepping stone toward a future career in medicine, and it has allowed me to explore an area of study I haven’t had the opportunity to look at: software.

What is the most insightful or interesting thing that you've learned so far in this internship?

Hearing from the sales, marketing, customer success and solution teams, I’ve learned how important it is to have the customer at the forefront of the product. With value-based care, Carium’s virtual care management platform helps care teams keep patients out of the doctor's office by monitoring them remotely, and every organization has a different idea of what that kind of monitoring looks like. I found it really interesting some of my coworkers meet with customers almost daily to make the product just right for their organizations.

What has surprised you that you didn't expect?

I was surprised by how complicated all of the internal processes are at Carium. I thought a feature like checking a box off for a to-do or adding a medication would be easy to make, but so much code goes into every little detail! I have a much deeper appreciation for all the hard work computer programmers do.


Stay tuned for more in the "Carium Rising Stars" limited series in the coming weeks.


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