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Trick or treat: Virtual care doesn’t have to be scary

Halloween is days away and many of you are indulging in tricks—horror movies, haunted houses, costumes – or treats (how many bags of candy corn have you eaten?) However, one thing that should always be a treat, never a trick, is virtual care.

In the spirit of the season, let’s unmask a few goblins that appear when you are on the hunt for the right virtual care technology partner.


Leading characters in scary movies venture into the dark unknown alone. A trusted virtual care partner is always by your side, shining a light onto the path forward and providing the support necessary to achieve excellent outcomes.

Treat: A vendor disappears into the night after onboarding, leaving you alone to navigate your new platform.

Treat: Look for virtual care vendors who won't leave you stranded in a murky fog after onboarding.

True partners stay by your side and delight in helping you achieve your vision for virtual care.

Does your vendor have a dedicated project success team who you communicate with regularly? Do you work together to navigate the technology and troubleshoot, set goals, work through any pain points, and ensure the longevity of your program?


Implementing and integrating new technology into existing workflows can creep along with plenty of creaks, groans and bumps in the night. Your care team may not know what is coming around the corner and workflow is disrupted—terrifying!

Trick: Some vendors say they offer seamless implementation and integration, but their solution sours when paired with your electronic health records system (EHR), and perhaps only captures minimal, static data points. It’s like unwrapping and biting into what you think is a chocolate and peanut butter treat, only to find you’ve been tricked with chocolate-covered broccoli.

Treat: Your new virtual care platform is implemented quickly, easily integrates into your EHR and can be completely customized to fit your specific workflows. Track and capture discrete data points for a more holistic view of your patient's health, such as daily steps, water intake, and nutritional information.

Ease of use

The last thing you want is to give your staff and patients a fright when they use a virtual care platform.

Trick: A vendor disguises complicated or limiting technology, leaving you stranded on a dark path with a fading flashlight.

Treat: User experience matters for both the care team and the people that they serve. Choose a vendor who lights the way with technology that is intuitive, simple and engaging without sacrificing robust capabilities and functionality.

Cash Burn

The virtual care market is expected to reach $41.5 billion by 2027. What was once a pandemic-driven necessity, is now an integral part of the continuum of care for health systems, payors/payviders and physician organizations.

In adapting, some healthcare organizations continue to burn cash through lagging tech development and hidden charges. The horror!

Trick: You purchase a virtual care solution, and are surprised to discover additional fees and third-party build-outs that haunt your launch and vampire your bottom line.

Treat: The right vendor doesn’t clown around with pricing. Choose a virtual care vendor whose models are transparent and straightforward; and whose technology is developed and ready to deploy, without sacrificing opportunities to configure and white label.

Interested in our completely trick-free platform? Let’s chat.



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