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Carium Enhances Care Experience Platform with Customizable Care Pathways

Carium also plans future release of developer stack, enabling further customization

PETALUMA, Calif., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Carium, a Care Experience Platform (CXP), is now offering extensive customization enhancements through its Care Pathways implementations.

After working with customers to identify the manual workflows driving patient adherence, care team task management and other aspects of their care experience, Carium develops Care Pathways to automate these clinical or operational workflows and make them repeatable.

By tying multiple tools together through these automated pathways, Carium helps customers tap into the full potential of the platform's broad functionality and seamless integration, improving visibility, flexibility and accessibility for providers and patients.

"Many solutions on the market today offer a solid out-of-the-box experience but limited room for growth, while others require significant, long-term customer development to deliver results," says Scott Pradels, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Carium. "We designed Carium to be the best of both worlds—a robust suite of tools to meet immediate needs and a broad platform that scales to support your digital transformation."

Care Pathways are powered by Carium's highly configurable orchestration layer, with comprehensive APIs, custom alerting and analytics, and low-code/no-code workflows opening the door to limitless possibilities.

"Our platform is fully driven by APIs and microservices, making it easy for customers to integrate new devices and push/pull data from external sources like EHRs," says Jessica Shandrowski, Vice President of Product & Customer Success at Carium. "These are the differentiators between a solution that improves patient adherence and operational efficiency—and one that only increases administrative burden for patients and providers."

These configurable components will enable further customization when Carium makes its developer stack, Carium for Developers, available in a future release. By empowering customers and their development teams to iterate themselves and scale with their needs, Carium will encourage further innovation and evolution of its platform.

"We've made a strong commitment to support customer development, and we are working to deliver consumable documentation and an easy-to-use interface that mitigates risk," says Eko Prasetya, Vice President of Engineering at Carium. "We want to ensure that customers will be able to confidently iterate as safely and easily as we do."

With its comprehensive out-of-the-box product, light self-service UI personalization, Care Pathways and Carium for Developers, Carium will offer four flexible layers of support for every phase of its customers' virtual care roadmap.

For further insight into Carium's development process, read their recently published article Delivering Better Software, Faster.

About Carium

Carium is a Care Experience Platform (CXP) delivering the next generation of advanced virtual care technology. Within one, complete technology ecosystem, the end-to-end care journey – no matter how complex – is person-centric, proactive, and efficient for care teams and the people they serve. Visit us to learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Contact: Ashley Dauwer



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