Good Health Depends

on Great Relationships

The Carium platform helps you care for people within the fabric of their daily lives.

Remote patient monitoring is your springboard to healthcare transformation.

The Platform for
Digital Transformation

We help healthcare providers like you leverage technology for relationship-based, patient-centered care.

Know Me. Get to know your patients individually through real-time data and better understanding their goals and priorities.

Support Me. Connect securely to patients to provide personalized virtual care and support when they need it.


Engage Me. Support populations with a personal touch through scalable team-based care and behavior change science.


How We Help

We support healthcare providers 

in patient-centered digital transformation,

starting from wherever you are.


Platform On-Ramp Packages

Our pre-configured on-ramp packages for coaching, care management, and remote patient monitoring make it easy to get started with your top priority — then expand from there. 

Technology. Our software is pre-configured with features to fit your specific use case, and we offer an optional menu of compatible digital devices. 

Dedicated Support. Our strategic and day-to-day account managers support your operational success. 

Patient Engagement Expertise. Our experts help you recruit, engage, and bring value to patients based on best practices and behavior change science.

Clinical Transformation Expertise. Our clinicians help you achieve measurable success and transform existing workflows into virtual team-based models. 

Start with one use case,

expand across your enterprise.


Funding Your Digital Transformation

Generate new sources of revenue by caring for existing and new patients virtually. Our platform lets you tap into multiple CMS reimbursement programs and other funding opportunities to match your patients' needs. Let us show you how. 

Remote Patient

Monitoring (RPM)

Up to $123 per patient per month for care of patients with chronic conditions between visits, leveraging digital devices.

Chronic Care

Management (CCM)

Up to $118 per patient per month for care of patients with chronic conditions between visits.

Principal Care

Management (PCM)

Up to $54 per patient per month for specialty care of patients with a chronic condition between visits.



CMS and other payers now cover virtual visits to augment in-person care.


Of execs interviewed agree that healthcare’s future will be people-driven, personalized, digital, and integrated into daily life.


User retention rate over a three month period on the Carium Platform.


Of younger consumers would switch healthcare providers over a poor digital experience.


Cost savings for healthcare providers from maintaining current patients compared to attracting new ones.

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Who We Help

We work with healthcare providers ranging from primary care practices to some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States. And, of course, their patients! How can we help you?


Bill Beattie

Senior Project Manager

Health System

Carium is the best partner I’ve worked with in 30 years of dealing with software vendors.

Karissa Moreno

Executive Director

Center for Well-Being

Carium has been an invaluable tool to remotely track our Healthy Hearts participants' health outcomes, and patients love connecting with their community health worker directly through Carium's video chat!

Dr. David Donohue

Chief Medical Officer

Progressive Health of Delaware

The Carium solutions are very intuitive, useful 'out of the box', and require minimal training for providers, and no training needed for patients.

Hear from Our Customers Directly

Perfect Care


Our Solution

Our patient and provider-facing mobile and web apps enable data collection and analysis, secure communication, and science-backed behavior change, all housed in the cloud.


Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Automate transactions so you can focus on relationships

Retain and gain patients

Improve health

Enhance experience

Scalable care, personalized touch

Build new revenue streams

Empower digital transformation


Understand a person's life context with data from 

wearables, devices, and surveys

Benefits for Patients/People

You're not alone anymore

Real-time access to a trusted care team

Easy to use

One app, many conditions

Personalized care

Behavior change support

Peace of mind



Personalize the

on-ramp to

relevant tools

Are You a Patient?

Carium was built with the patient perspective first and foremost.  


About Us


Our Team: It Starts with the Right People

We were motivated to start Carium by the realization that something had to change. People lack the information, support, and encouragement they need to seek healthcare services, and to make healthy, informed decisions every day.

Our team was purpose-built to catalyze powerful change, with expertise in clinical transformation, patient engagement, behavior change science, and cutting edge technology. 


Mike Hatfield



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Scott Pradels

Chief Executive Officer 


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Julie Mann

Chief Commercial Officer

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Rick Johnston

Chief Governance Officer


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Greg Weidner, MD, FACP


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Lygeia Ricciardi


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Candace Duff


Human Resources

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To catalyze healthcare transformation toward person-centric high-value models.

Carium connects, supports, and empowers individuals by linking them to care teams and data-driven guidance so they can achieve their best health around the clock and throughout the year.