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Pre & Post-Surgery Care at Home

With the right technology, patients can return home from major surgery significantly earlier than they used to. Virtual care, including real-time data sharing and the ability to interact with the clinical team, can give patients and their families peace of mind and help them to play a proactive role in safely speeding up their own recovery from the comfort of home.

Join us to hear first hand about pre- and post-heart surgery care at home from Shannon Crotwell, a clinical nurse navigator and pioneer in applying this technology, and Marc Reid, who recently recovered from cardiac surgery with Shannon’s help. They’ll talk about:

  • Which kinds of data Mark collected and shared

  • How the data helped Shannon’s team support Mark

  • How having access to real-time data and a clinical team from home helped Mark

  • Shannon’s advice for other healthcare providers that want to provide pre and post-surgical care at home to their patients


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