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What if the healthcare experience was more than a 15 minute office visit across town?

Have you ever heard a strange rattle under the hood of your car, yet when you arrive at the mechanic, the rattle disappears?


Perplexed, and perhaps a bit embarrassed, you leave the auto shop, only to hear the same rattle again the following day. You browse online for answers, concerned that the mysterious rattle could lead to a costly even dangerous situation.


Unresolved, you end up returning to the mechanic, hoping for a different outcome. And guess what? The rattle disappears again...until you go home.

Sometimes healthcare can feel just like that.

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Meet me where I am.

Carium is designed to solve the disconnect between in-person clinical visits and daily life. Through tools, resources, education and communication, you and your trusted care team have evidence-based, comprehensive information to better support your healing, health and wellness.

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Healthcare in real life.

Today, you can grocery shop, bank and even change your thermostat all from your computer or smart device. With Carium’s secure, intelligent, virtual care platform, you and your trusted care team have a single source to support, monitor, educate, remind, alert and communicate — in real time, in real life.

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Device/Wearable integration

Medication adherence 


Nutrition tracking


Emotional state



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Actionable care plans

SMART goals

Health insights

Reminders & prompts

Shared decision-making


Patient & Caregiver Education



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Rich, asynchronous chat

Video visits

SMS messaging

Educational materials



Have an invitation code from your clinician?

It's easy to get started on the Carium app.

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Get The App
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It's easy to get started. The Carium app is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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Security Matters

SOC 2 certification provides independent verification of security practices and protocols. The certification demonstrates that commitments to security actually occur and are not just written down without being followed.

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