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Patient & Member Experience

"Healthcare doesn't use the word 'delight' when referencing patient care. But we do."

Shawn Smith
CEO, 1 True Health

In today's trend of healthcare becoming more consumer-centric, people demand more from their healthcare experiences. In the U.S., estimates show that active patient choices can impact more than 60 percent of health care spending.

Healthcare organizations that provide engaged, personalized, skilled and convenient care experiences improve care outcomes and costs.

Carium, a Care Experience Platform for virtual care. Within one, rich ecosystem, people engage in their care journey in partnership with their trusted care team. 

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Evaluate medication adherence
 Understand mindset & behaviors
Evaluate nutritional impact
Survey individuals or cohorts
Monitor critical diagnostics
Identify contextual determinants 



Personalize care journeys
Create goals & assess progress
Remind & prompt
Coach behaviors & insights
Educate correctly
Intervene when necessary



Send a text

Conduct a video call

Pop into an in-app chat

Create & send emails

Customize educational content

Schedule appointments

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As a complete Care Experience Platform, Carium connects care teams to the people they serve within one, complete ecosystem.


Cultivate, nurture and fertilize engaged, trust-based relationships to support best possible outcomes within a care journey.

Easy Interface for those who are Tech Shy

Robust Interface for those who are Tech Savvy

Patient-Facing App & Care Team Dashboard

Access for  Family & Trusted Support Individuals

Bilingual in English & Spanish

Highly regarded Customer Care Team

Supports Personal Agency & Engagement

Experience Carium for yourself.

Schedule a no obligation demo with a member of our sales team.

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Patient Experience, Defined

Patient experience is about the totality of experience throughout the entire care journey – before, during and after the delivery of care. It encompasses all interactions with people, processes, policies, communications, actions, and the environment – whether physical or virtual.


Patient experience also includes perceptions – that which is recognized, understood and remembered within the context of values, beliefs, socioeconomic status, gender, cultural background, etc.

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