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Patient care beyond practice walls

Reduce risk and improve patient outcomes through connected care

The traditional, episodic office visit model of healthcare is limiting. Carium’s advanced, virtual care platform extends your capability to monitor, assess, alert and support your patients in real time within their daily lives.

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Single easy,

intelligent and comprehensive platform

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Complements and is interoperable with EHR systems

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Actionable, aggregated, real-world data and analytics

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multichannel communication

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Ability to deploy

across multiple

clinical programs

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behavioral support

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Personalize care-at-scale through intelligent automation

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via CMS virtual care

CPT codes

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Scale your ability to provide easy, intelligent and comprehensive virtual care

Carium’s interoperable platform enables comprehensive, real-time virtual care across multiple clinical programs. By engaging with patients between appointments, care teams can reduce costly hospital readmissions and manage chronic conditions by monitoring, assessing, intervening and communicating — all from within patients’ daily lives.

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Deliver evidence-based, high quality care through patient-generated, actionable data 

Payors and payviders specialize in providing high quality healthcare within efficient, value-centric best practices. Enabled by Carium’s proven ability to engage patients in their care journey outside of office walls, clinicians can scale care across multiple clinical programs such as peri-operative care and hospital-at-home.

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Expand your service offering with a platform that can grow as fast or slow as your practice does

Virtual care delivery practices are at the forefront in supporting health and wellness within modern healthcare. Thanks to online browsing, socializing and shopping, today’s patients are digital forward, regardless of generation. With an 87% patient utilization rate, Carium excels in providing patients with an accessible digital platform that they don’t just need to use — they want to use.

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Achieve a competitive advantage and expand revenue potential through connected care

Medical practices face more competition than ever before. Patients have changed. Today, they approach healthcare from a consumer-based mindset, seeking personalization, convenience and quality. Your ability to deliver exceptional patient experiences, and be compensated for this care, is possible though the Carium virtual care platform.

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Carium Connected Devices

The right device matters. View our current connected device list. Note that this continues to expand as technology evolves.

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of Carium customers would purchase Carium's platform again.


2022 KLAS

Emerging Technology Spotlight Report




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Curious how Carium can help you improve patient experience, care team experience, care quality and clinical outcomes?

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Carium has been a welcomed enhancement to our program with significant reduction in administrative burden to our clinical team and our patients. Our patients have peace of mind, knowing our team is remotely monitoring their recovery.


Shannon Crotwell, RN

Nurse Navigator

Perfect Care/Atrium Health

Using this tool enables clinicians to identify and manage abnormal trends in real-time, yielding improved outcomes quicker, increased patient engagement, and reduced healthcare costs.  I can’t imagine going back to the traditional practice of delivering episodic chronic care management. 


Angela Stevens, RN

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Certified Health Coach, Health Logx

Carium helps to bridge the gap between what happens in a care delivery setting and the rest of a patient’s daily life. This type of solution helps a patient maintain the kinds of lifestyle changes they need for optimal health outcomes.


Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH, FACLM, DipABLM

ACLM President