Statement of Support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Carium believes it is our duty to address social inequality, injustice, and racism in our society directly. We are committed to upholding every person’s right to equal opportunities, civil liberties, and fair treatment. We were inspired by the article below by Qun Maxine Liu, the Vice President of Partner Programs, Health Catalyst.

No longer looking the other way

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By Qun Maxine Liu
VP, Partner Program at Health Catalyst

If the world is a little better place due to my existence, then I feel my life is worth it. If people suffer less and live a happier life because of my contribution, I will be really happy. So I chose to be in healthcare, to work hard, and to experience a lot in my life. I haven’t put too much thought into my gender, nationality, and race. I came to the United States from China almost 11 years ago to pursue graduate study. The huge culture shock and language barriers were overwhelming, but the people whom I interacted with were very kind, helpful, and supportive. Knowing that they didn’t treat me any differently to other people confirmed my initial thought: friendship, happiness, and humanity improvement have nothing to do with where you are from and what you look like. This feeling of acceptance made me want to try my best to help make the world a better place even more.

All was great until last year when the pandemic started. My social media, web search, everything became flooded with Asian hate. I was afraid to go anywhere alone because I was in fear of people attacking me or yelling at me to go back to where I was from. I was in fear of even hearing people talk about the virus, thinking the topic would awkwardly turn to Asian blame. That fear made me avoid eye contact with people, and made me feel that I am constantly scared and shaking in a corner. I could not imagine what if the elderly lady who got beaten up for no reason was my grandma; could not imagine what if the lady who laid in the killing scene was my mom; could not imagine what if the kid verbally abused because he/she is Asian was my kid. Can you imagine if they were yours?

I had been looking the other way regarding all the incidents over the last year because I thought some people are just ignorant, stupid, and that’s who they are. Life is too short to focus on those things. But now I realize that something needs to change, and I need to break the silence. So, let’s raise our voices, suppress down the hatred, fill the world with positivity and love. I do not care if you support Biden or Trump, this is NOT politics, this is HUMANITY. If you are an individual, spread the words to raise awareness; if you are an employer, show your support and let your employees know that they are loved; if you are a parent, teach your kids how to respect different cultures; if you are an Asian, bravely talk about your story, let people get to know you, and show them how heartful you are. Say hello to your neighbor, smile at a stranger, tell your friends that you care about them. We together make this world a better place. #StopAsianHate

This was originally posted by Qun Maxine Liu on LinkedIn.