Remote Patient Monitoring, Simplified

Carium enables Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with a preconfigured combination of software and services that puts provider organizations on the fast track to reimbursement and more patient-centric, collaborative care models.

Remote Monitoring with Carium

Generate new sources of revenue by caring for existing and new patients virtually. Earn up to $220 per patient each month for remote monitoring and keeping patients healthy between office visits.

CPT Code
What It Covers
CPT Code 99453
One-time RPM technologies and services setup, and related education
$21* per patient
CPT Code 99454
Recurring cost per 30-day period for at least 16 daily recordings or programmed alert transmissions via medical devices
$69* per patient per month
CPT Code 99457
Recurring cost for 20 or more minutes of treatment management services based on the remote monitoring data
$54* per patient per month
CPT Code 99458
Recurring cost for an additional 20 minutes of management, monitoring and clinical time
$42* per patient per month

Interested in learning more about what patients are eligible to participate and how RPM is relevant to your practice?


The Tech & Services

Carium's software platform connects patients, providers, and remote monitoring devices so collaborative care can happen anywhere. Our team of digital transformation experts supports you with workflow optimization, patient engagement, and device logistics.

RPM Platform

Carium’s approach equips patients with connected devices that automatically transmit readings to the care team, notifications to take their readings, and dashboards to see their progress. Our time tracking dashboards and digital devices make providing care and getting reimbursement easy.

Carium - Remote patient monitoring - RPM
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Angela Stevens, RN BSN, Founder

RPM has been a game changer in managing patients’ chronic conditions. I can’t imagine going back to the traditional practice of delivering episodic chronic care management. 


Arwin Soetanto, CEO

Carium enabled us to access Medicare reimbursement for RPM and CCM, which are significant—from $42 to $123 per member per month.

Carium’s Remote Patient Monitoring Journey

With our technology, you can meet patients where they are and use the novel data to support traditional clinical data, and augment in-person visits.