• Ashley Dauwer

Young Adults Facing COVID-19

A collaborative health conversation with two experts on young adults facing the pandemic

While at first, it appeared that young adults were exempt from contracting COVID-19, we see now that is not accurate. In three large metropolitan areas, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the age range 19–40 are around 37%. Young adults may not be aware of underlying medical conditions that put them at risk for contracting the virus. Also, this socially active cohort is the leading carrier of COVID-19 to those who are immunocompromised, such as the elderly.

In this episode of Health IRL: A Collaborative Conversation, we explored young adults facing COVID-19 with Seth Rotberg, Patient Engagement Manager of Inspire and Co-Founder of Our Odyssey, and Krista Nelson, President-Elect of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, and Social Worker at Providence Cancer Center.

Topics we covered included:

  • Dispelling the misperception that young adults are not as equally susceptible to COVID-19

  • How behaviors specific to this population can have a big impact on disease spread

  • How young adults can cope through connecting with others

  • How it’s ok to not be ok right now.

Watch the recording here!


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