• Lygeia Ricciardi

We’ll Get Through This, Together

Although the full extent of COVID-19’s terrible impact is still unknown, this situation is intensifying the healthcare system’s need to adopt virtual tools that benefit both patients and providers. Once we emerge from this challenge, it’s highly likely that these new modes of providing care will continue. The regulatory landscape is changing, and people are recognizing the value of treating illness, even absent a pandemic, by reaching out to collaborate with patients in the midst of their life journeys.

From the earliest days of the COVID-outbreak, it became clear that our partners at large health systems and clinics across the country would be faced with at least two new challenges: identifying and treating COVID-19 patients, and continuing to manage patients with other existing conditions at a safe distance.

We’ve already applied our software platform to help support our partners effectively. We’ve added video to the ways providers can communicate with patients (along with text and voice) to provide telehealth support, and we’ve developed a triage pathway that quickly enables patients to assess themselves and be routed automatically to appropriate resources. These are just a couple of the ways we’re positioning our partners to manage through the immediate crisis and set themselves up for long-term success.

We Can Help

Carium’s cloud-based solution was designed to be a flexible and scalable telehealth platform. Our platform is made to be immediately configurable to address specific healthcare situations, whether it’s caring for patients with asthma, helping expectant mothers along their pregnancy journeys, or supporting people with high blood-pressure in adopting healthier lifestyle habits.

While we certainly never anticipated a global pandemic as we built the platform, from a design perspective, our platform is condition-agnostic. We have readily adapted it to help our existing partners manage COVID-19, and we’re ready to help new partners, too.

Here’s How We Help

  • We can help healthcare providers care for all their patients (COVID-19 and other) remotely via video, voice, and text augmented by data

  • We can get healthcare providers up and running within about a week (patients download an app, providers need only an Internet browser)

  • We can help our partners understand and optimize for evolving reimbursement opportunities for remote care

  • We provide transformational consulting, by our clinical team, to provide expertise in workflow redesign

  • We’re much more than a telehealth platform, which means we’re setting partners up for long term success

This video previews how we’ve adapted to help you manage COVID-19.