We are Carium

Shaping our team culture with diversity, technology, and people

Every company is unique because of each person that comes together to make up that team. At Carium, we’ve made a conscious decision to create a team that is diverse in backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets. Diversity is so important to us that we have a dedicated Slack channel where we share stories on the topic, which recently included posts sharing a story by Janae Sharp on Inside Digital Health about Women in HIT at HIMSS19 and a link to Disney Pixar’s SparkShorts, “Purl.”

Four months into my new role, I’m grateful for the purposeful planning that was built into the company culture from day one. Without limiting ourselves to one geographic area, Carium has found exceptional talent, now spanning 15 states, with more than half of our 35 employees working remotely. Having never worked in a fully remote role, I was wary about how we’d maintain a team culture with employees from coast to coast.

I’ve been blown away by the close-knit culture that we’re able to cultivate through the use of modern-day tech. Via Google Meet and Slack, we connect face-to-face, brainstorm, share ideas (and pictures of pets and fun t-shirts), and collaborate daily. But it’s not just the tech — the tech works in part because the tone of our culture is positive. People don’t complain, they solve problems and respect each other, even in small ways like showing up on time.

Periodically, we also come together for our “Carium Connected” Team Summit at our headquarters. Based on the snapshots from our geo-teaming adventure around Petaluma, CA this past fall, you’d never guess some of us are usually over three thousand miles apart from how emotionally connected we are as a team.

We’re excited to introduce our new blog series, “We Are Carium,” to give you a glimpse of the people that make up our team. Through this series, we’ll spotlight different members of our team so you can get to know them, too — what they’re most excited to be working on, what inspires them, what they’re reading, and more. We’re excited to have their voices and ideas represented on our team and want to share that excitement with you.

We each bring distinct perspectives to Carium, but one commonality is that we all deeply believe in our mission — to be a trusted partner for people on their health and wellness journeys. People are the center of everything we do at Carium — and this is true from our daily team huddles to the development of our product. For example, we’re always thinking about how the notifications, screens, and workflows we design will impact the people using our app. During our patient advocacy chats, we’re also able to get first-hand recommendations from patients, and it’s so powerful to listen and incorporate their suggestions into the product as we develop it.

Health impacts everyone — regardless of gender, race, or age — and this is why it’s particularly important that there are diverse voices at the table in healthcare and on our team. By bringing together diverse people, we’re able to think outside the box to discover and create innovative ways to address healthcare challenges. Diversity is important to our company culture and, ultimately, will be essential to our success.