Virtual Lifestyle Medicine

A collaborative health conversation with two experts on the application of virtual care to Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine and virtual healthcare complement each other beautifully. Together, they make it possible to support a person’s wellbeing holistically, in the course of everyday life.

Unlike traditional medicine, which is often focused on a particular health condition or part of the body, Lifestyle Medicine focuses on the root causes of disease, with evidence-based therapies for behaviors related to diet, exercise, sleep, social connectivity, and stress.

But most patients see their healthcare providers infrequently, usually in an office or other clinical setting. With those limitations, how can a healthcare provider effectively understand and influence a patient’s life context, in which all the eating, moving, sleeping, socializing, and stressing take place?

Enter data-enhanced, relationship-based virtual healthcare. Using software to connect patients and their care teams to each other in real-time and enable them to share data about the activities of daily living, a new model of care becomes possible — one that lets providers practice the way they want to, and frees patients to live better in a way that fits their unique situations.

In this episode of Health IRL: A Collaborative Conversation, we covered Virtual Lifestyle Medicine with Dave Donohue, MD FACP and patient Stan Lukoff from Progressive Health of Delaware. Dave became Delaware’s first board-certified Lifestyle Medicine physician in 2017 and is the Chair of American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s Provider Network. The topics we’ll cover include:

  • The principles of lifestyle medicine’s holistic approach to health and the impact it has demonstrated

  • How technology and virtual healthcare are complementing Lifestyle Medicine

  • How technology is keeping patients “safe at home” during the COVID-19 pandemic

Watch the recording here.


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