• Ashley Dauwer

The Shift to “Health Citizens”

Americans are spending an increasing proportion of their household budgets on healthcare, causing consumers to expand and morph their roles to become payors and “citizens” of health. Last month, Lygeia Ricciardi sat down with Jane Sarahson-Kahn, a health economist, blogger, and author, at the CES Digital Health Summit to chat about the factors causing this trend, and the basis for her new book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizens.

With families spending one-in-five dollars on healthcare, Jane believes we’re at a tipping point at which people are beginning to look at the value exchange — pushing for more transparency, and demanding an Amazon-like experience, because, thanks to other industries, they know what “good” looks like.

Watch this short video to hear about the growing use of mobile platforms, the need for broadband connectivity and stricter privacy laws, and the overwhelming evidence for investing in the social determinants of health.

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