Scaling Personalized Care with Carium

Digital transformation leads to better experience, data, and care

PETALUMA, Calif., OCTOBER 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Carium, a leader in virtual care technology, today announces the launch of Perfect Care's scalable virtual care program. The platform allows patients to be engaged and digitally connected to their trusted care team, from their home, during their critical post-surgical recovery period. In addition, the care team can efficiently and effectively monitor their patients, and proactively intervene when needed. Carium's tech compliments and augments Perfect Care's clinical team, enabling them to provide individualized care at scale. The results are highly personalized care.

Patients are equipped with a digital health kit which includes: the Carium mobile application, connected blood pressure cuff, digital scale, and Fitbit activity tracker. Carium automates and streamlines the periprocedural program by gathering daily biometric data, PROMIS surveys at predefined intervals, calendaring touch-points with care teams for in-person and virtual video visits, and more.

Better Experience, Data, and Care

Perfect Care's tech-enabled patient journey automates the 90-day post-surgery protocols and requires minimal training for care teams and patients. With Carium, Perfect Care was able to manage more patients in their first month on the platform, than ever before.

"Prior to Carium, we were using several technologies, biometric trackers, and a lot of manual processes. It took upwards of 90-minutes per patient, just to walk through all the setup of the apps. Carium has reduced this time to less than 20 minutes and is a single app for patients," states Shannon Crotwell, RN, Nurse Navigator at Perfect Care. "It's been a welcomed enhancement to our program with a significant reduction in administrative burden to our clinical team and our patients. Our patients have peace of mind, knowing our team is remotely monitoring their recovery."

In addition, vast amounts of new data elements are captured through the wearables, devices, and patient-reported outcome measures. As part of their aim, Perfect Care is collecting this data and aggregating it with traditional clinical and claims data to provide richer insights and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

"To transform perioperative care, we needed access to data beyond what's captured during traditional, in-person clinical visits. With Carium, Perfect Care is consuming enormous volumes of relevant, cardiac care data and processing it to produce opportunities for interventions. This combination of novel data with clinical and claims data allows us to see new trends, identify correlations, and make even better treatment plans," claims Perfect Care's chairman and executive director, Dr. Kevin Lobdell.

The Future of Healthcare

Dr. Kevin Lobdell will be presenting the success of Perfect Care's work in a webinar hosted by Carium on October 20th at 11:30 AM ET. He will share how incorporating digital tech has resulted in lower costs, improved quality of care, empowered better experiences for both the patients and the care team, and the value of new data. This is the future of healthcare.