RPM as a Path to Healthcare Transformation

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an increasingly popular service that addresses two burning needs of healthcare providers in the midst of a global pandemic: providing care virtually, and bringing in a new source of revenue for their practices. Within the guidelines CMS has set for the RPM program, however, there is a fair amount of leeway in the model of care delivery, and in the type of experience it offers from the patient’s perspective. Some RPM technology providers focus fairly narrowly on particular chronic conditions (especially diabetes and hypertension) or on enabling the process of collecting and transmitting data as a stand-alone requirement for patients.

On this episode of Health in Real Life, we spoke with two guests who see RPM and digital health as a springboard to healthcare transformation toward whole-person care, including the option to manage multiple diverse health conditions, numerous medications, and encourage healthy behaviors simultaneously.

Robert Longyear is the VP of Health and Innovation at Avenu & Wanderly, a turnkey provider of RPM services for healthcare practices. Anna McCollister is a Patient Advisor to the FDA who has been tracking her own health digitally (including managing diabetes) through multiple devices for at least a decade “before it was cool.” The session was moderated by Lygeia Ricciardi, Chief Transformation Officer at Carium

Topics included:

  • The basics of the RPM program from CMS

  • How data-monitoring between in-person clinical visits can improve health status

  • The patient perspective on a whole-person approach to healthcare

  • How to engage patient populations that are not highly tech-savvy

Watch below.


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