Primary Care Practice Goes Digital To Support Patients & Their Bottom Line

Digital Transformation is Key to Practice Survival During COVID-19 and Beyond

PETALUMA, Calif., July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Carium, a leader in virtual care technology, today announces the success of Lifestyle Medical's digital transformation amid a global pandemic. With 45% of primary care practices reporting layoffs or furloughs, and many closing under COVID-19-related financial stress, Lifestyle Medical is thriving. As the pandemic hit, the practice sped up its digital transformation using Carium's scalable software platform to tap into federal payment programs such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to help keep patients healthy — and their practice afloat.

Better Technology, Better Health

With a flexible virtual care technology infrastructure, healthcare providers can combine reimbursement programs including CCM (up to $118 per patient per month) and RPM (up to $123 per patient per month) with other federal and private funding sources, including those from the $100 billion CARES Act, to use telehealth and remote care to jumpstart their digital transformation. "The (Carium) tech platform enabled us to access Medicare reimbursement for RPM and CCM, which are significant. This is a strong foundation for us to deliver high-value care that keeps patients healthy in between office visits," states Lifestyle Medical CEO, Arwin Soetanto.

Along with the financial benefits of their newly deployed tech, Lifestyle Medical has also reported better health outcomes. "Within the initial 6 months, on average, patients enrolled in our RPM program decreased their systolic blood pressure by 13 points. 71% of qualifying patients lost weight, and 95% of qualifying patients lowered their blood pressure," said Soetanto.

The Future of Care Delivery

"This practice has activated Carium's vision of leveraging technology to connect people with their care teams — supporting collaborative models of health for individuals and populations," said Carium's Chief Medical Officer, Gregory Weidner, MD, FACP. "Our configurable, behavior science-backed platform seamlessly powers messaging, remote biometric monitoring, tracking of smart goals, education, surveys, secure video visits, automation, and more to effectively scale population health in a personalized way. This is the future of care delivery."

This was originally published on PR Newswire.