Lifestyle Medical’s RPM program shows improved outcomes during pandemic

Not only have the practice’s patients’ chronic health problems improved, but those patients stayed connected during COVID-19’s stay-at-home orders.

This was originally published in Healthcare IT News, a HIMSS Media publication.

Lifestyle Medical is a primary care practice in Riverside, California, dedicated to chronic disease prevention and reversal.

The Problem

The core problem it sought to address is that lifestyle factors are the root causes for the majority of its patients’ disease burden, but more than 99% of the underlying drivers of health take place outside of the clinics.

The traditional primary care office is really not well designed to care for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, even though healthcare now knows that these conditions can be reversed – not just managed, but truly healed – with lifestyle interventions and behavior modification, said Arwin Soetanto, CEO of Lifestyle Medical.

“We have focused on value-based revenue streams that give us the economic resources to offer team-based care and wellness programs to empower patients to build healthier habits,” he explained.