How a PCP Used Remote Patient Monitoring for Patient Relationships

Lifestyle Medical, a Southern California-based primary care practice which had built a range of digital tools into their patient care process

This was originally published in PatientEngagementHIT.

For the leaders at California-based primary care practice Lifestyle Medical, a remote patient monitoring and engagement program looks a lot like having a bi-coastal family.

“Our goal is really around building relationships with patients,” Arwin Soetanto, CEO at Lifestyle Medical, told PatientEngagementHIT. “We thought that the best model for that relationship is a family that lives far away from you.”

When you live on the East Coast and your parents live out west, you might see them three or four times a year for a deep and meaningful visit. This is the same for patients and providers. A clinician might see her chronic care populations three or four times a year to check in on different metrics and deliver some health coaching.

But for both the bi-coastal family and patient-provider relationship, that’s not really enough.

“You have this opportunity to see your family maybe three, four, or five times a year, but you need to have this powerf