Healthcare Digital Transformation in 2021: What's Next?

Twenty-twenty has been an unprecedented year. In the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare organizations have been stretched to the utmost caring for repeated waves of acutely ill patients, despite shortages in staff, PPE, and hospital beds. As a country, we’ve lost almost 300,000 lives to the virus, and sustained massive economic challenges, compounded by political upheaval, social unrest, environmental threats, and increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Though we’re still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, distribution of a vaccine is on the horizon. We all want 2021 to be better, and healthcare will play a pivotal role in shaping it. In the past six months, 75% of providers started using telehealth, according to the Telehealth Impact Study by the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Telehealth Workgroup. What changes in health and healthcare are they — and the general public — expecting and prioritizing next?

Join us for the 14th session of Health IRL. I'll be interviewing Paddy Padmanabhan, author of the 2020 book Healthcare Digital Transformation, and Patient Advocate Grace Cordovano to discuss lessons-learned and predictions for the immediate next phase of healthcare’s digital transformation.

Topics we’ll touch on include:

  • What does a more holistic model of digital virtual care look like?

  • How can we leverage digital tech to personalize care for individuals?

  • What are some specific strategies to address the digital divide?

  • What are the public’s top priorities in transforming healthcare — and how closely do they map to those of the healthcare system?

Join us on January 27, 2021, from 2:00–3:00 PM ET. Register Here.

We'd love to hear your greatest healthcare priorities for the new year!

Watch the chat below.

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Chapter 1: Introductions

Chapter 2: What does a more holistic model of virtual care using technology look like?

Chapter 3: How can we leverage digital tech to personalize care for individuals?

Chapter 4: Who is a carepartner?

Chapter 5: Digital health companies vs. traditional EHRs enabling virtual care

Chapter 6: Live Q & A


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