Health, Wealth & COVID-19

A collaborative health conversation with two experts on economics and social trends in the context of COVID-19

The US has diagnosed more cases and experienced more deaths from COVID-19 than any other country in the world. The economic impact has also been staggering, with 22 million Americans filing for unemployment in four weeks, extreme stock market volatility, and the Small Business Administration running out of money for its Paycheck Protection Program for entrepreneurs.

In this episode of Health IRL: A Collaborative Conversation, we explored both the health and economic-related effects of the virus, including the ways in which they influence each other with Health Economist and Author/Blogger Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, and CEO and Founder of Clear Health Costs, Jeanne Pinder.

Topics we covered include:

  • The availability and reliability of tests on which plans to “reopen” the American economy are based

  • The impact of the pandemic on diverse socio-economic groups

  • How the presidential election in November may impact policies related to the management of the virus

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the health of healthcare providers, and on the business of healthcare itself.

Watch the replay below and sign up for future chats here.


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