Health Logx, LLC Launches Health and Wellness Delivery Solutions Company

This was originally published on the Health Logx blog.

Health Logx, LLC has launched its health and wellness delivery solutions company that brings with it a decade of experience in chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) delivery.

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of Health Logx; a relationship-based, remote patient monitoring, health, and wellness delivery solutions company founded to offer health coaching and chronic care management to patients, employees, and private clients. Health Logx will be providing turnkey chronic care management via RPM with reimbursable revenue benefits to primary care, employer wellness 12-week health and wellness programs, as well as private client health and wellness programs.

The founder, Angie Stevens, RN, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, and Certified Health Coach was part of the team that first piloted and pioneered remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions via rpm in a primary care setting for Atrium Health over a decade ago. Collaborating with digital start-ups including remote monitoring platform solution, Twine (later acquired by Fitbit), and chatbot delivery service, Conversa, she worked to integrate their services into the care of patients and into primary care. These new tools and workflows led to patients’ improved outcomes, the ability to adjust medications in real-time, quality metrics consistently exceeding targets, net promoter scores on average of 70 and higher, reduced provider burden of managing chronic conditions, along with reduced costs of care.

“It flowed so well. Patients were seen by their provider in office; say they had a high blood pressure, instead of immediately starting them on a medication, we’d get them set up on the RPM platform, and I’d work with them remotely to find opportunities in their lifestyle that they felt they could work on. I’d educate them on their chronic condition through phone visits, weekly educational literature sent through the platform, and asynchronous messaging via rpm. We’d set action plans that they could “check off” on their app in real-time as they met their daily goal such as “Walk 10 min after dinner nightly” or “drink 64 oz or more of water daily”.

Angie reports she discovered that not only did RPM improve outcomes at an accelerated rate, but that patients were consistently needing to have chronic medications decreased and even discontinued due to the health coaching and lifestyle modifications they were making. Many patients reversed their prediabetes and had their Diabetes Type 2 and/or Hypertension diagnoses inactivated from their medical chart.

“I’ve been a nurse for over 25 years. I started on a cardiology unit where patients were coming in for procedures to treat cardiovascular disease mostly attributable to poor lifestyle habits. I felt like I needed to reach patients before they got to this point. I switched to primary care and immediately knew this was my place. Patients and caregivers became family. While we did get to address lifestyle habits and opportunities patients needed to work on, it still felt like it wasn’t enough. I thought it was the best we could do in the episodic setting of traditional medicine along with seeing patients back to back.

Fast forward to 2009, where I started working for an innovative physician leader, Dr. Greg Weidner, that believed in transforming healthcare into a more patient-centric model using technology to enhance their care. The puzzle was finally complete. I was now able to care for my patients remotely, engage with, and continuously educate them while helping them manage their chronic conditions in real-time. Once I saw the drastic impact clinician-led, real-time chronic care management via RPM, along with personalized health coaching and education had on my patients’ engagement, lifestyle habits, and outcomes, I knew I could never go back to working in episodic, traditional care. Seeing this many patients decrease and/or discontinue chronic medications, reduce personal health costs, and hear their excitement when they achieved outcomes and health goals they never knew they could reach, I was all in and knew I was never going back.”

Angie also helped design, deploy, and deliver the first employer wellness 12-week Hypertension, Prediabetes, Diabetes, and Weight Management program delivered from a primary care clinic for Atrium Health. The 12-week programs were delivered to employees utilizing RPM to engage, educate, monitor metrics, and assist participants in moving the needle in just 12 weeks. Multiple patients in this short time were able to reverse their prediabetes, Diabetes Type 2, and reduce medications for both Diabetes and Hypertension.

“I’m so excited to continue caring for patients and clients through Health Logx, LLC. We’ve already had amazing outcomes with our initial pilot patients and are so excited to be able to reach and impact a larger population.” The eNLC regulations allow Health Logx, LLC to deliver care in 34 states. “I’m looking forward to collaborating with multiple primary care clinics to be an extension of the great care they’re providing while boosting their revenue and helping their patients improve outcomes and reduce overall health costs.”

Health Logx has partnered with Carium, a remote platform solution that offers a robust, well-designed, and user-intuitive patient and provider-facing platform. “Our clients so far have found the Carium app to be engaging and simple to use. I knew exactly what features a platform would need to have for efficient chronic care management, monitoring, alerts, messaging, etc, as well as features that I felt would enhance the user experience. Carium’s platform brought all of this and has already been a great experience from both the patient and the clinician side.”