What’s your Vision for 2020 and Beyond?

Jumpstarting Healthcare’s Digital Transformation in the Year of Vision


Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at Carium

OCT 02, 2020

When the ball dropped in Times Square on New Years Eve, most were optimistic and embracing well-wishes and slogans that “20/20” would be the year of “vision.” I did a quick Google search and some evites for New Year’s parties popped up — one in particular caught my eye with the enticing, “2020 is the Year we have all been waiting for and the vision is clear!”. Well, here we are in October 2020 and it’s taken on a very different tone than those created-in-2019-invitations predicted.

Everything has changed. Many are evolving. Most are revamping strategies. It seems as if everyone and every company in healthcare is scrambling to pull together a digital strategy — many while deploying pieces and parts along the way.

In September 2020, ZDNet published an article co-authored by Salesforce executives Dr. Geeta Nayyar and Vala Afshar with a powerful statement, “COVID-19 accelerated a shift that was long coming. Suddenly, patients had access to physicians through virtual care apps. Many started accessing retail clinics and urgent care centers. Healthcare largely went digital, and it reinforced a consumer preference in the process: Give me convenience or I’ll find a company that can. And part of delivering convenience is understanding that in the Next Normal, decentralized business models powered by digital technologies is the only viable path for sustained relevance.”

Super timely for Edward Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan to bring us the book, “Healthcare Digital Transformation — How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future.” It’s an excellent guide, as a supporting resource, as we embrace the Next Normal. Edward Marx’s upcoming talk and live Q&A with Healthcare IT Today, focuses on the “5 Keys to Developing a Digital Strategy” and will be a great opportunity for learning. If you have already read the book, it will serve as an opportunity to share your perspectives, and for those that have not yet read it, it will be a great forum to share experiences.