Health Happens Everywhere

Health is influenced by a wide variety of factors. Yet too often, healthcare feels disconnected from the rest of life.

Carium amplifies your Lifestyle Medicine practice with the holistic, patient-centric, sustainable approach to care we were designed for.

Lifestyle Medicine with Carium

Extend the reach and impact of your clinicians and coaches through real-time collaboration with patients & families, enhanced by actionable data insights about topics including biometrics, activity, & mood.
Ideal for Lifestyle Medicine-certified practices and others who offer holistic healthcare services. 


The Tech

Carium's software platform connects patients, providers, wearables and optional devices so collaborative holistic care can happen anywhere. We give Lifestyle Medicine practitioners tools for the successful management of diabetes, weight, hypertension, and other conditions. 


Provider Dashboards


The Services

Carium helps you deliver team-based virtual care that maximizes the efficiency of your clinical team and the health impact for your patients. 

Custom Configuration. Our software features are pre-configured to support healthcare providers in delivering lifestyle medicine remotely between in-person visits.

Clinical Transformation Expertise. Expert support configuring workstreams for your lifestyle medicine practice, and maximizing your clinical efficacy.

Dedicated Support. Our strategic and day-to-day account managers support your success.

Patient Engagement Expertise. Our experts help you recruit, enroll, and engage patients based on best practices for RPM and behavior change science.


Dr. Wayne Dysinger
Founder, Lifestyle Medical

Connected health apps give patients the ability to be in charge of their health, and practices the ability to deepen their relationships with each patient, thereby improving health behavior change and helping to reverse chronic disease.


Carium helps to bridge the gap between what happens in a care delivery setting and the rest of a patient’s daily life. This type of solution helps a patient maintain the kinds of lifestyle changes they need for optimal health outcomes.

Dr. Dexter Shurney
 ACLM President

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We're ACLM Partners

We are proud to be part of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Corporate Roundtable, a group of individuals and organizations whose collective vision is sustainable human health, a sustainable health care system, and a sustainable world.