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Healthcare Digital Transformation in 2021: What's Next?

Grace Cordovano

CEO | Board-Certified

Patient Advocate, Enlightening Results, LLC

Paddy Padmanabhan

Founder and CEO,

Damo Consulting

Lygeia Ricciardi





A holistic model of virtual care

Leveraging digital tech to personalize care

Who is a carepartner?

Digital health vs EHRs

Q & A

Grace Cordovano

CEO & Board Certified Patient Advocate at Enlightening Results, LLC

Patient-centricity is dead. The model we should be pursuing is life-focused care. Supporting people to live their best life.

Paddy Padmanabhan

Author, Founder & CEO at Damo Consulting

We’ve seen a definite shift by health systems to look beyond their current EHR platforms for digital capabilities. Health systems, providers, and technology executives are realizing EHRs can’t be everything to everybody.

Lygeia Ricciardi

Advisor, Carium

If you're not thinking about the patient experience and more deeply including the patient/consumer, you will lose business and relevance at this time. It's a business imperative.

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