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Health IRL: Transforming Weight Loss Management

Mike Shaw

Participant in Wake Forest Weight Management Program

Dr. Jamy Ard

Clinical Researcher at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Lygeia Ricciardi



When? Jul 29, 2021,  2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

Nearly 75% of Americans are overweight, including 42% who have obesity. The pandemic has heightened the problem, since many of us find comfort in food, and delivery services like Doordash and Uber Eats make it easier than ever to consume calories while barely getting off the couch to answer the door.

While there are many apps and tools for consumers or patients to use to lose weight on their own, programs that incorporate medically-assisted weight management and obesity care yield the best outcomes.

Dr. Jamy Ard co-directs the Weight Management Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health, where he and his team use a variety of state-of-the-art approaches to help patients manage obesity. He’s currently working with Carium to transform weight management using virtual care technology, including tactics such as tailoring patient feedback, targeting treatments, and engaging with patients remotely at the most impactful moments in daily life.

Join us on Thursday, July 29th for a colorful and candid conversation with Dr. Jamy Ard and Wake Forest patient Mike Shaw as they share what they’ve learned about managing weight virtually, and how others can learn from their journey and replicate their success.

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