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Pre & Post-Surgery Care at Home

Mark Reid

Perfect Care Patient and Chief Revenue Officer at Brilent

Shannon Crotwell, RN BSN CCRN

Clinical Nurse Navigator at Atrium Health/Perfect Care

Lygeia Ricciardi



When? April 28, 2021,  2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

With the right technology, patients can return home from major surgery significantly earlier than they used to. Virtual care, including real-time data sharing and the ability to interact with the clinical team, can give patients and their families peace of mind and help them to play a proactive role in safely speeding up their own recovery from the comfort of home. 

Join us to hear first hand about pre- and post-heart surgery care at home from Shannon Crotwell, a clinical nurse navigator and pioneer in applying this technology, and Marc Reid, who recently recovered from cardiac surgery with Shannon’s help. They’ll talk about:

Topics we'll touch on include:

  • Which kinds of data Mark collected and shared

  • How the data helped Shannon’s team support Mark

  • How having access to real-time data and a clinical team from home helped Mark

  • Shannon’s advice for other healthcare providers that want to provide pre and post-surgical care at home to their patients

After a conversation moderated by Lygeia, we'll open the floor for live video questions from the community.  If you cannot attend live, you can register and we'll email the recording and keep you in the loop on future chats.

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 Everyone who has had the opportunity to join this amazingly relevant conversation has gained valuable insight in this critical time.

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 I have rewatched every webinar so far... you have made me pick up my pen and tablet to write some of your thoughts as a personal goal for me to be able to translate to my patients.

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 Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate. It is an excellent format for talks. 


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