We miss seeing you all in person, but until then, connect with us at our upcoming virtual events or watch these on-demand sessions.

Upcoming Events

Perfect Care - Virtual Chat - Intro Slid
Your Technology Partner for
Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

NOV 17, 2020

11:30 AM ET | 8:30 AM PT

Perfect Care - Virtual Chat - Intro Slid
A Bit-Sized Approach to 
Remote Patient Monitoring

NOV 19, 2020

2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

On-Demand Events & Virtual Chats

Perfect Care - Virtual Chat - Intro Slid
09_09_20_Redefining the Patient-Provider
Let's Talk Redefining the Patient-Provider Relationship
07_22_20_RPM as a Path to Healthcare Tra
Let's Talk RPM as a Path to Healthcare Transformation
Copy of 07_08_20 _ Remixing the Patient
Let's Talk Remixing the Patient Experience
06_24_20_Funding Virtual
Let's Talk Funding Virtual Care
HealthIRL_V LM.png
Let's Talk Virtual Lifestyle Medicine
HealthIRL_Relationship telehealth.png
Let's Talk Relationship-Based Telehealth
Let's Talk Remote Patient Monitoring

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