Black Lives Matter Statement of Support

Carium believes it is our duty to address social inequality, injustice, and racism in our society directly. We are committed to upholding every person’s right to equal opportunities, civil liberties, and fair treatment. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in support of these rights.  We will ensure that our voices and actions serve to support the idea that fundamental rights are for all people, and cannot be dampened or ignored because of the color of one’s skin. Black lives matter. 

Our Commitments to Address Social Injustice

Carium will take direct measures in an effort to better understand and address how our actions and inactions can maintain or break down institutional racism. We will:

  • Engage in an extensive audit across our product, team, and leadership to root out racism, bias, and inequity.

  • ​​Commit to addressing and improving healthcare inequities whenever possible.

  • Invest financial and time resources to continue our commitment to anti-racism. 

  • Invite external speakers to share their experiences and perspectives on injustices.

  • Provide paid time off for employees to be used specifically for anti-racism activities.

  • Match employee donations to charities dedicated to social justice.

  • Commit to ensuring that our hiring practices, benefits, and retention are free from biases, with the support of external experts. 

  • Finally, we pledge to revisit our commitments every quarter. Social justice requires continuous effort. We are dedicated to continued learning, listening, and amplification of black voices.